Piezo-sensors and Actuators

C-MET Pune is developing materials and prototypes for different chemical sensors such as hydrogen, NOx and VOCs based on semiconductor materials for operating at high temperature as well as room temperature. The physical sensors such as photosensor, piezoresistive pressure sensors, temperature and IR sensors. C-MET Pune has also recently transferred the ToT on photosensor to M/s. Ants Innovation Pvt. Ltd. Palghar, Mumbai and other ToTs on sensors and materials are in pipeline. C-MET, Pune is presently working on digitalization of indigenous NOx sensor for ISRO and the development of smart parking management system using sensors, IoT and GIS technologies.

C-MET, Pune is developing conducting polymer composites based piezoresistive sensors for wearable biomedical applications. The sensors are potential in monitoring the physical actions, gesture, gait analysis, orthopaedical treatment and non-verbal communication applications etc.

Under this programme the main thrust is on the development of thermal sensors for weather balloons, nano material based thick film sensors and development of micro actuators. Under thermal sensors, different NTC compositions, chip thermistors and chip in glass fast response thermal sensors are being developed suitable for various temperature ranges of sensing applications.

Under actuators the focus is on development of piezo actuators. Various designs of ceramic actuators help in meeting diverse field of applications. Flextensional (FT) actuators have been developed to meet the opposing requirements of displacement and generative force and gives excellent amplification of displacement. The heart of FT device is a stack of multi layer actuators so that the device can be operated at lower voltages. (Dr. NRaghu and Dr. SB Rane)

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