1.  Introduction

Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) has been set up as a registered scientific society in March 1990 under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), (formerly known as Department of Electronics (DOE)) as a unique concept for development of viable technologies in the area of materials mainly for electronics. C-MET is operating with its three laboratories located at Pune, Hyderabad and Thrissur with specialized research mandate at each place.


2.  Vision

C-MET will become a premier R&D organization known all over the world for its knowledge base, innovations and expertise in Electronic Materials.


3.  Mission

To develop knowledge base in electronic materials and their processing technology for Indian industries and to become a source of critical electronic materials, know-how and services for the industry and other sectors of economy.


4.  Objectives

The objectives of C-MET are:

  • To establish the technology up to pilot-plant scale for a range of electronic materials and transfer the same to industry for commercialization.
  • To establish relevant advanced analytical facilities.
  • To undertake applied research activities in the area of its operation.


C-MET has set up its vision, mission and strategy to achieve its objectives.


5.  Function of C-MET

To develop electronic materials and process technology in the allied area for social and strategic areas though sponsored projects, technical services and consultancies. To serve Indian industries and research organisations by providing characterization facilities on payment basis.