HQ cum Pune Laboratory


CMET's R&D activities have been implemented in three laboratories at Pune, Hyderabad and Thrissur. The laboratory at Pune functions as headquarters and extends central coordination support. Each of these laboratories has its own areas of specialization with requisite infrastructure and expertise. This approach has proven to be successful in creating core competence at each laboratory.


Li-ion batteries, LTCC Packaging materials,  Specialty Polymers, Nano-materials/composites

Hyderabad Laboratory


Ultra Pure Materials: E-Waste and RoHS compound semiconductors, Ultra High Pure Metals and Semiconductors; Refractory Metals, alloys and Special Materials

Thrissur Laboratory


Electronic Ceramics: Microwave dielectrics, Multilayer Ceramics, Actuators and Sensors, Nanomaterials and thin films, Aerogels and Graphene super capacotors