C-MET, Pune has established a state-of-the-art Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) based Electronics packaging facility for research and development in a wide range of applications. LTCC finds applications in microwave circuits, IC packaging, micro-sensor packaging, actuators and integrated microsystems. The facility possesses high quality machines required for standard LTCC process and specialized process machines, such as LASER micromachining, CNC milling and dicing.

C-MET has developed products like low dielectric loss (10-4 @ 13 GHz), ferromagnetic materials with resistivity 1011 Ω.cm, electrolyte with ionic conductivity 0.035 S.cm-1 for LTSOFC and magnetic sensors and magnetic coils for strategic applications. Currently, C-MET is working on LTCC based micro fuel cells packaging and machines for additive manufacturing. The following photographs shows LTCC facility at C-MET, Pune.


Clean room of class 10000 and LTCC facility at C-MET, Pune