Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (GFAAS)

Equipment Details: 

Make - GBC
Model - Avanta Sigma

Equipment Photo: 
  • Quantitative analysis of trace impurities in solutions.
  • Analysis of hydride forming elements.
  •  Analysis of various samples for it’s composition.


Contact Person: 

Dr. R. S. Sonawane (Instrument Incharge) Office phone :    020-25898390

Email :

 Characterization Incharge , Office phone :    020-25898390

Pune Laboratory
Working Principles: 

The instrument work on the basic principle of Beers-Lamberts Law, it states that the amount of absorption is directly proportional to the concentration of elements.
The technique uses basically the principle that, free atoms generated in an atomizer can absorb the radiation at specific frequency.
Atomic absorption spectroscopy quantifies  absorption of ground state atoms in the gaseous state.
The atoms absorb UV or Visible light and make transition to high electronic energy levels. The analyte concentration can be determined from the amount of absorption.