General Information

Public Grievance Officer , Staff Grievance Officer and  Assistant Public Grievance Officer

Category Name & Place Designation Email ID Contact no
Public Grievance Officer  Dr. B.B. Kale Director General bbkale[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(020) 25898724
Staff Grievance Officer Ms Radha Jaisimha, Pune  Registrar radha[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(020) 25881519
Assistant Public Grievance Officer  Dr  B.B. Kale Director General bbkale[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(020) 25899273, 25898141,25898390
Pune Laboratory
Assistant Public Grievance Officer  Dr. R.  Ratheesh Director ratheesh[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(040)-27265673, 27267309
Hyderabad Laboratory
Assistant Public Grievance Officer  Dr. N Raghu  Director raghu[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(0487)-2201757, 2201156-59
Thrissur Laboratory

Chief  Vigilance Officer (CVO)  and  Vigilance Officer (VO)

Category Name& Place Designation Email ID Contact no
CVO Dr. A.K. Garg Scientist F ajaik[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in +91-11-24364799 (Office)
MeitY New Delhi +91-9810319460 (Mobile)
VO Dr Shany Joseph, Pune Laboratory  Scientist D shany[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(020) 25898724, 25898141,25898390
VO Dr D.S. Prasad Scientist E dsprasad[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(040)-27262437, 27260327
Hyderabad Laboratory
VO Dr. T. Radhika Scientist C rads12[at]gmail[dot]com +91(0487)-2201757, 2201156-59
Thrissur Laboratory

Woman Cell  (internal  committee for C-MET)

Name & Place Designation Email ID Contact no
Pune Laboratory      
Dr (Mrs) Shany Joseph Scientist C shany[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(020)  25898141,25898390
Mrs Ashwini C Belhe OA II ashwini[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in  
Mrs Anita P Padalikar OA II anitha[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in  
Hyderabad Laboratory      
Mrs K Bala Bharathi Scientist C bharathi[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(040)-27260327, 27267309
Mrs A Kausalya OA II kausalya[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in  
Mrs A Lakshimi Vasudha OA I lakshmi[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in  
Thrissur Laboratory      
Dr (Mrs)  A Seema Scientist C seema[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(0487)-2201757, 2201156-59
Mrs K. N Indira SSA IV indira[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in  
Mrs N Rani Panicker Scientist A raninarayanan[at]rediffmail[dot]com  

Persons with disability and OBC/SC/ST Liaison Officer for C-MET

Category  Name& Place Designation Email ID Contact no
OBC Dr Y. Purushotham Scientist E ypurushotham[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(040)-27262437, 27260327
Hyderabad Laboratory 
Persons with disability and SC/ST Dr T Radhika Scientist C  rads12[at]gmail[dot]com +91(0487)-2201757, 2201156-59
Thrissur Laboratory


Grievance Redressal Officer/Liaison Officer for the Employees of C-MET belonging to Economically Weaker Section (EWSs)

Category  Name, Place & Designation Functionary Under EWS Email ID Contact no
EWS Ms Radha Jaisimha, Pune Grievance Redressal Officer radha[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(020) 25881519
EWS Dr Y. Purushotham, Hyderabad Liaison Officer ypurushotham[at]cmet[dot]gov[dot]in +91(040)-27262437, 27260327
Scientist E