Manpower Details

Designation: Director
Emp ID: 3119
Work Place: Thrissur Laboratory

Dr. N. Raghu, is Currently Working as Scientist -F at C-MET Thrissur.

He took his Ph.D. from I.I.Sc. in the area of electronic ceramic materials and did his post doc. research at Penn. State university U.S.A.

His group mainly concentrates in the area of Multilayer ceramic devices including electronic packaging and Piezo ceramic actuators. His group has developed various piezo ceramic actuators such as piezoelectric  multilayer actuators, electrostrictive multilayer actuators, Flextensional actuators,  Twin amplified micro actuator, Bimorph, unimorph, multilayer bender actuators etc.  

His group has developed a piezo ceramic composition that sinters at 900 oC. Also crystallizable glass + ceramic compositions for LTCC applications have been developed.

Currently his group is working on oriented grain growth of PMN-PT ceramics through tape casting process and is also working on u-LTCC materials for MW packaging applications.

He had served as a member of the Naval Research Board (Materials).


  1. "Low Temperature Sinterable Soft Piezoceramic Composition, Process for Preparation and Method thereof"

    Raghu Natarajan, Kalarickal Gopalakrishnan Vasanthakumari, Rani Panicker Narayana Panicker, Moolenkunnath Sudha

    No. 101/DEL/2014


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